NOURISHED3 is the creation of YouTube beauty entrepreneur Annie Jaffrey and her partner, Mahmud Al-Smadi, a successful hair and beauty expert.

As a beauty and lifestyle influencer, Annie had tried countless beauty products, but she struggled to achieve the long-lasting results she desired. In 2020, they founded Nourished3, a brand that takes a holistic approach, addressing external, internal, and mental factors, such as stress and diet, which can disrupt hormonal balance and contribute to acne. Their skincare solutions are tailored for individuals at various life stages, from teenagers navigating puberty to women dealing with birth control, menstrual cycles, and menopause.

Driven by their passion for holistic well-being, their mission is to revolutionize skincare for acne-prone and problematic skin, offering a new approach to achieving genuinely radiant skin health.

Together, they embarked on a journey to develop clinically proven, nature-inspired, and crystal-infused products that people will love.

“Our mission is to help millions of people discover their most radiant skin and high-frequency lives. We keep that at the forefront of our minds every day.”

It may not appear like it now, but I spent years fighting my own skin battles in the form of acne and dull, tired skin. It was a journey of healing that often felt like it would never end. It really wasn’t until I started to understand how the food I was eating, the thoughts I was absorbing, and the importance of daily self-care that I started to see and feel real, lasting change.

We aim to offer you the sense of calm, clarity, and flow that comes from skin that glows.

Welcome to yours. 

We’re so glad you’re here!

Annie x