Skincare that really makes you feel good!

When we only think of our skin as a surface and do not consider it as part of the broader body system, we limit our potential for improving longevity.

At Nourished3, we see the skin as an integral part of the broader ecosystem, making it a paramount factor for overall health.

We not only nurture from the outside but from the inside out. We consider both external and internal factors while also considering the mental aspect.

Our products are made from a fusion of active, natural crystals and clinically proven ingredients, all chosen specifically for their restorative and nourishing qualities.

However, alongside these deeply effective products, we also pass on our knowledge, experience, and wisdom from over a decade of research to help heal your skin at the source.

We know beautiful skin is not only achieved through incredible products and routines but is affected enormously by everything else we put into our body - from our food to our thoughts.

We are here to offer information and resources that enlighten, empower and inspire.

Everything we share - from our products to our advice - is made to support and strengthen, allowing you to live life at your most vibrant frequency yet.

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The Strength in Our Products

At Nourished3, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive a formula that's not just effective but incredibly potent. We believe in the power of our ingredients, and that's why we go the extra mile to make our formulations stand out.

Key Ingredients at the Heart: We craft our products using an impressive 60-80% of key ingredients, minimizing any water dilutions. This focus on potent components ensures that every drop of our product packs a powerful punch, delivering the results you desire.

European Excellence: Our commitment to quality extends to sourcing only the finest ingredients from Europe, where strict formulation standards are upheld. We adhere to European standards that rigorously ban over 1600 toxins and questionable substances, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Clean and Vegan: We proudly embrace a clean and vegan ethos. Our products are created without compromising on any ethical principles, and they align with the highest standards in the world.

Exceeding Expectations: We don't just meet the standards; we surpass them. Our formulations are designed to meet and exceed the Clean at Sephora standards and more, because we believe in setting new benchmarks for product excellence.

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We believe in...


We are deeply passionate about supporting you on your healing journey. We’ve seen first-hand the great effects that true well-being can have on a more vibrant life.


We believe in building a brand with efficacy and integrity. Our high-performance products are made using the very best quality ingredients in the most effective formulations that directly affect the skin for the better.


We are big believers in the philosophy that ‘beauty comes from within’, and want you to feel great about being you.


We use our platform as a source of inspiration, information and empowerment, sharing all the latest and greatest advances on health, well-being and skincare for you to take in to your life.


We are doing our bit towards creating a more positive future, creating socially and environmentally responsible products that you can feel good about using on the inside and out.


Our bespoke formulations are calibrated to deliver real results. We dial up active ingredients to high- doses, leaving you with more radiant and visibly plumper skin.