Understanding the brain-skin connection

Understanding the brain-skin connection

As we believe in holistic skincare, let’s explore the fascinating connection between our brain and skin, unveiling the profound impact that mental health has on our radiant glow.

Understanding the brain-skin connection

Scientific studies have illuminated the main brain regions that play a key role in mental health, thus affecting skin health: the hippocampus, amygdala, and prefrontal cortex. This trio is responsible for stress and emotional responses. When we're stressed, our body releases cortisol (the stress hormone). This can increase the skin's oil production, leading to breakouts, and redirect blood flow, prioritizing fight or flight responses, rushing blood to your legs and arms, thus diverting blood away from non-essential functions such as from your skin and digestive system, which can also lead to acne or other skin issues.

Good news: positive lifestyle changes can activate your brain

Studies reveal that incorporating a nourishing diet, exercise, and meditation can stimulate the growth of new neurons, even in regions responsible for stress and emotion. Beyond growing new neurons, positive lifestyle changes can also stimulate and revitalize already existing ones that were previously not actively engaged.


Hippocampus: nurture it for skin & memory health

This brain part is a key influencer in skin and memory health. Scientific evidence highlights that activities like aerobic exercise, continuous learning, and exposure to a stimulating environment can aid the growth of new neurons and synaptic connections in the hippocampus. 


Amygdala: nurture it for emotional radiance

While it’s still a mystery if our amygdala is able to produce new neurons, promising studies suggest that stress reduction strategies, mindfulness practices, and therapy can positively influence its adaptability. With such practices you're promoting a complexion that radiates tranquility and emotional balance. 


Prefrontal cortex: nurture it for cognitive radiance

This brain region is responsible for decision-making and emotional responses and also controls the hippocampus and amygdala. Although it's less prone to generating new neurons compared to the hippocampus, positive lifestyle changes like cognitive exercises, mindfulness, and a balanced diet with healthy fats work wonders. These changes are the key to maintaining its existing neurons, ensuring long-term activity and vitality.



Nurturing a healthy brain isn't just a gift to our mind, but to our skin as well. Positive lifestyle changes not only fortify against stress but also regulate pH and sebum production, leaving your skin grateful for the holistic care it deserves. 


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