Transform your skin

With our potent yet straightforward wellness routine, meticulously crafted for those tackling problematic skin. Our formulas are gentle, non-irritating, and boast an impressive 70% of active ingredients.

Experience reduced inflammation and acne-causing bacteria, refined and brightened skin texture, all while nourishing and plumping skin cells.


A gentle yet effective cleansing experience!

This cleanser is packed with potent ingredients that brighten and rejuvenate your skin, reduce acne and fine lines, even out skin tone, and enhance collagen production. It effectively cleanses your skin without drying or stripping your skin barrier!

It features an Aloe Vera Juice base, AHAs, BHA (Glycolic, Mandelic, Salicylic Acid), Botanical Amino Acids, Vitamin C, and Enzymes.


It's like a 3-minute
facial in a tube!

This mask enhances skin brightness, texture, and clarity, while combating acne, inflammation, clogged pores, and dark spots.

Its key ingredients include AHAs & BHA (Glycolic, Mandelic, Salicylic Acid), Sulfur, Zinc, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C.


Is your oily skin in

need of precisely

balanced hydration?

This lightweight, oil-free, and fragrance-free moisturizer features highly effective active ingredients, including

5 types of amino acids, 5 types of hyaluronic acids, peptides, and ceramides.


Enhanced sleep

for healthier skin!

The secret to achieving genuinely radiant and healthy skin lies in deep, restorative sleep.

Instantly dissolve inner worries and stress with this therapeutic pillow spray, promoting relaxation, calmness, and recentering.



Treat your skin well with our

Calm & Hydrate Oil-Free Moisturizer

Your Daily Hydration Boost

Ethically produced with a focus on sustainability - 100% vegan and cruelty-free.



Key Ingredients
How To

Soothe, hydrate, and revitalize your skin with our expertly formulated oil-free moisturizer.

Discover a meticulously crafted oil-free moisturizer designed to calm and rejuvenate even the most sensitive and blemish-prone skin. This lightweight yet highly effective moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.

Experience the deep hydration of five types of hyaluronic acid that penetrate deep within your skin layers, leaving your skin plump and moisturized.

Our formula also includes active ingredients such as ceramides, vegetable squalane, peptides, niacinamide, amino acids, vitamin E, green tea, and chamomile. These ingredients work tirelessly throughout the day to nourish, restore, and shield your skin.

This pH-balanced, fragrance-free, and silicone-free moisturizer is expertly tailored for sensitive, blemish-prone, and lackluster skin types.


80% Aloe Vera Juice base (Instead of Water)
As its base, our product deeply soothes and calms sensitive skin, promoting natural hydration. Its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties reduce blemishes and wrinkles, making it suitable for all skin types.

5% Vegetable Glycerin
Brings soothing relief to irritated skin while providing protection against infections and supporting the process of wound healing. Additionally, it contributes to fortifying the skin's moisture barrier, resulting in lasting hydration throughout the day.

1% Hyaluronic Acid (5 Types)
This powerful combination assists in retaining more than 1,000 times its weight in water within your skin cells, ensuring deep hydration, plumpness, and skin moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is universally compatible as it's a natural component of our bodies, free from any harm or danger. It's an essential addition for anyone seeking to sustain a youthful, healthy, and well-hydrated complexion.

1% Peptides
This chain of 5 amino acids serves as the fundamental building blocks for maintaining healthy skin. These Peptides offer protective antioxidant benefits and reinforce the strength and resilience of your skin.

1% Ceramides 
Ceramides form a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss, ensuring your skin remains well-hydrated, plump, and supple. This robust skin barrier also provides essential protection against harmful irritants, bacteria, and various environmental toxins.

1% Squalane
Reinforces the skin's barrier, aiding in long-lasting moisture retention and safeguarding against moisture loss. This, in turn, enhances the structure of the natural lipid film while maintaining well-hydrated skin.

1% Amino Acids
Promotes wound healing and the repair of damaged skin from sunlight.

Assists in diminishing the visibility of fine lines, dark spots, and pores, resulting in a brighter, more even skin tone and texture. It also aids in restoring skin clarity and enhancing luminosity.

Vitamin E
Offers antioxidant advantages, nurturing, soothing, and providing protection against the harm caused by free radicals.

A potent antioxidant that aids in minimizing aging signs by shielding the skin from free radical damage, all while providing a soothing and calming effect to reduce redness and inflammation.

Clear Quartz Crystal
Known as the "master healer of crystals," is renowned for its ability to restore balance to your energetic and nervous system, while also enhancing the efficacy of skincare ingredients.


Artificial colors - Fragrances - Silicones - SLS and SLESP - Parabens - Formaldehydes - Phthalates - Mineral oil - Retinylpalmitate - Oxybenzone - Coal tar - Hydroquinone - Triclosan - Triclocarban
  • Offers deep hydration
  • Soothes skin irritation and aids in protecting against infection, promoting wound healing
  • Bolsters skin strength
  • Nourishes and plumps the skin
  • Leaves a radiant, glowing finish
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark spots
  • Shields the skin from moisture loss
  • Suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive and acne-prone skin

  • Easy to wear
  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Perfect for layering

  • 100% fragrance, oil, silicone and allergen-free
  • Safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • Produced with a conscious approach
  • Non-comedogenic
  • pH balanced
Dispense 3 pumps of moisturizer to fingertips, and gently massage onto clean dry skin. Use morning and evening. Can be worn alone or underneath makeup.

Calm, hydrate and restore skin with this meticulously crafted oil-free moisturizer, specifically designed for sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

Five types of hyaluronic acid penetrate deep within the skin layers to plump and hydrate. Active ingredients, niacinamide, vitamin E, green tea and chamomile, work throughout the day to nourish, restore and protect the skin. An easy to wear, effective moisturizer suitable for all skin types.

This pH balanced, unscented and silicone-free moisturizer is specifically formulated for sensitive, blemish-prone, and lackluster skin types.

Clean & Non Toxic


Radiant Finish

Calms & Protects

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Calm & Hydrate Oil-Free Moisturizer

STAPLE IN MY SKINCARE ROUTINE! I have been using the Calm & Hydrate Moisturizer for a few weeks now and I can say it’s going to be a staple in my skincare routine. I have sensitive skin and my skin is acne-prone if I use the wrong products. But I love this, it leaves my skin moisturized and gives my skin a healthy glow after using it. It also combines well with my other skincare products. Looking forward to use it for a longer period. Also, shout out to the amazing customer service for helping me - Roya S.

Purify & Comfort Face Cleanser

WONDERFUL & MAGICAL! This is the best cleanser i have ever had. The first few times I have used the cleanser my skin got a little bit worse, because I think all of the gunk underneath comes up. But now my skin gets clearer and clearer every day ;) - Alexandra

Clarify & Brighten Face Mask

TRULY AMAZING - My skin feels like I got a professional facial done every time I use it. No other mask I tried could give me the same results. Love it! -Manon S.

Calm & Hydrate Oil-Free Moisturizer

BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT - First, I love the minimalistic, clean, glass packaging, and the fact that it comes with a pump. It’s perfect. Second, the moisturizer has a very pleasant consistency and truly hydrates my skin. Will be repurchasing. :) -Magdalena W.

Purify & Comfort Face Cleanser

NEVER HAD SUCH AN AMAZING CLEANSER BEFORE - I tried the Cleanser and oh my God it feels like it's a magic cream. I feel like my skin need this every night. I have purchased about 8 bottles. I highly recommend it. Its is truly the best Cleanser in the Market. :-) - Saher S.

Clarify & Brighten Face Mask

BEST MASK - Love this mask as you can leave it on only for a couple of minutes, does not dry completely so you can wash it off easily. Leaves the skin soft and pores minimized -Gabriela P

We formulate our products to EU standards, the highest in the world, banning over 1600 harmful ingredients, including those labeled as (c)carcinogenic, (m)mutagenic, or toxic to (r)reproduction.

  • We exclusively use clinically proven, skin-transforming ingredients at impactful levels to make a real difference to your skin.
  • All of our ingredients are European and consciously sourced, insuring formulas you can trust.
  • We prioritize YOUR NEEDS by eliminating unnecessary fillers and additives. We substitute ingredients like water with witch hazel or aloe vera juice to deliver the highest quality in your purchase.
  • We recognize and value the integral connection between your skin's health and your overall well-being. Our primary mission is to assist you in achieving your best skin, both externally and internally, through excellent formulations.

Our Philosophy

OUTER care

Our skin, like every other part of our body, is in a continuous process of repair and regeneration. In fact, our skin completely regenerates itself approximately every 27 days…

inner nourishment

A healthy diet not only affects our energy levels, metabolism, and even our immune system, but it also directly impacts the appearance of our skin…

Mental wellbeing

Have you noticed how your skin shines (in a great way!) when you’ve just finished a great workout, had a wonderful vacation or after laughing with a friend? It’s no secret that our emotional state has a real and tangible effect on the state of our body and skin…

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